The first class you would need to go for if you were curious about Access Consciousness® would be Access Bars® or The Bars® .

The bars are 32 energy points on your head that relate to different aspects of our life such as relations, money, health, age, etc. and just by touching these points, one can achieve clearance of any judgements, prejudices, opinions, thoughts, feelings, etc – the kind that do not allow us to receive anymore – that we hold in our mind forever and beyond!

As humans we are constantly judging. What we should rather be doing is receiving the true gifts that surround us. Think of yourself as a laptop that has so many files, folders – DATA that we think is so important and we just save save save and never delete! And one day you reboot the machine – and everything starts moving faster and feels brand new! Thats exactly what The Bars® can do for you. Having your bars run removes all the junk from your mind that does not belong there. The ones that stop you from truly receiving. Receiving that can truly change your life.

However every person has a different experience and as the statement for having your bars run goes – “

“At worst you will feel like you have just had a phenomenal massage. At best your whole life can change into something greater with total ease.”

– Source Access Consciousness®

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You must watch this amazing video. It was an experiment done by Gary Douglas – the Founder of Access Consciousness® along with the Neuroscientist Dr. Fannin to see what really goes on when and after your bars are run! Its absolutely amazing to see the results. Watch it till the end to understand what it all means. : )

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