The term Feng Shui is a translation of the words Wind and Water which seems to have originated from the famous phrase “The energy of the dragon will be dispersed by wind, and will stop at the boundary of water” written in the “The book for burial” by the famous scholar Kwok Po reigning around 250 A.D. This was used to locate auspicious sites for burial in ancient China that can benefit the coming generations. The same is also used to build a house or a city.

In literal sense it refers to mountains (dragon) and water courses. In the modern world and cities this can be interpreted as buildings and streets/roads and traffic. The belief is that where the mountain stops and before the water begins, good Qi (pronounced as Chee) exists. It is an intangible energy that exists and the habitants of the area can benefit from it.

Qi can be both negative and positive. It is everywhere. It is around us. It is within us.

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More About Feng Shui

History & Origin

Feng Shui originated in China which works with both the form school and the compass school. Form school is self explanatory – referring to the shapes and structures that we can see. Compass school refers to the abstract that cannot be seen but exist – and no Feng Shui consultation can be complete without using the compass or Lo Pan in measuring and allocating these energies. This is also referred to the classical or traditional Feng Shui.

There exist different versions of Feng Shui – the Black Hat Sect Tantric Buddhist Feng Shui – that was developed in the USA by Grandmaster Professor Thomas Lin-Yun that does not take into account the directional placement / facing of every structure they work with.

The Western Intuitive/ Modern Feng Shui is yet another school of thought that works with space clearing, decluttering, etc. I don’t have much experience with this but on a general note, decluttering itself sounds like a good practice – Feng Shui or not. : )

What we do

At Natural Healing Home we work with the Classical Chinese Feng Shui practices. We follow The Flying Star School  that believes there are 9 stars, each of which has a specific effect on us – some good and some not so good. Each star relates to a specific element, which also corresponds to a specific color, person of the family, music sound, body part, organ, trigram and so on.

The basis of our consultation is the facing direction of the building/apartment/land, etc (Form School) and the placement of these 9 stars in the apartment/office/etc. (compass school). Every area where we live or work is important but the right stars don’t always fall in the right place. For this we can place cures to reduce the negative effect of such stars. When everything is right – you don’t need cures but you can enhance them to achieve more comfort, success or whatever it is that you are looking for. In a home or office, the most important areas will obviously be where you spend the most amount of your time – so naturally this is where you sleep, where you eat and where you work.

However as quoted by my favourite teacher – Master Raymond Lo – “ First comes destiny, second comes luck, third comes Feng Shui”. While Feng Shui can make life more comfortable, no Feng Shui consultation can be complete without a Bazi reading of the inhabitants.

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