Tea by flow and their story – just like a bird representing the best of its qualities; goodness, joy, wisdom and intelligence, we hope to inspire you to be the best ‘You’.

we all need to achieve a balance between our peace, energy, and growth to draw our strengths from within. once balanced, just like a triangle we will be able to endure everything without distorting our corners.

our products are sourced for their originality and uniqueness to create special experiences when steeping and sipping. explore the various health benefits as you see what you connect best with. keeping the choices limited allows for an easy experience when browsing and choosing.

fully immerse yourself when steeping and sipping your next cup from Flow. all choices steep for a minimum of 3 times, why not prepare a cup for a summer cool down or a pre-workout cold brew for an added boost of endurance.

No products were found matching your selection.

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