What is a ritual?

Anything where a certain action or ceremonies are performed in a specific way or time can be classified as a ritual.

At Nirvana Healingz, we do various rituals with the help of:

  • Crystals: Every crystal has specific benefits and when put in a specific formation – usually sacred geometry, we can help in bringing about certain changes for whom the crystal grid is being made.
  • Nature: Natural elements such as Air, Water, Fire and Earth are beautiful ways to bring better heath, wealth and prosperity into our lives.
  • Moon energies: Meditations and rituals performed under the full moon and new moon can have amazing benefits. Use the full moon to release anything unwanted. Use the New Moon to manifest anything you want.
Ritual for Prosperity - Crystal Grid
Ritual for Prosperity – Crystal Grid

If you think your endeavours could use a little push with the help of all the resources mother nature gives us in abundance, then give us a call.

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