Got your White Sage, Dragons Blood Sage and Palo Santo but not sure how to use your space cleansing products? Keep Reading!

There are so many space cleansing products out there. If you are not sure of the benefits of each, just go with what smells the best to you.

Clear your mind. Set an intention – it can be as simple as “Thank you for cleansing the energy in my space”.

Open all the doors and windows in your space and go to the farthest corner or room in your space. We recommend you take along your Abalone Shell with a small tea light in it as Smudge bundles tend to go off and need re-lighting.

Light one end of your smudge stick and walk around your space moving the smoke in all directions with a feather or just use your hand. Make sure you cover the corners of each room – energy is stickiest in the corners and in heavy furniture and curtains.

As you are walking around your space, you can keep repeating your chosen prayer/ affirmation/ intention or just keep saying “Thank you for blessing and protecting my space”. Keep your focus on clearing your space and you will feel the shift in the energy.

Once done – simply place your smudge stick in your Abalone Shell. Most smudge sticks will usually go off themselves in a couple of minutes. If it doesn’t, you can snuff the smudge stick against the abalone shell or just cover it with a glass jar to cut off the oxygen supply to the fire (the latter will also prevent wasting any of the dried herbs).

Note: You can walk around your space with the White Sage first to remove negative energies. Close all doors and windows and then burn the Palo Santo OR you can choose to burn them both at the same time and then close all the doors and windows. Remember there is no right or wrong.

Your method is the best method.

Just follow your heart!

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You can also cleanse your space with other space cleansing products such as Dragons Blood Sage

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*Never leave your smudge stick un-attended while it is still giving out heavy smoke.*