Himalayan salt as the name suggests come from the foothills of the Himalaya Mountains. Coming from the Khewra Salt mines in Pakistan, Himalayan salts are famous for their healing properties.

Back in the day it was considered so good that it was reserved only for the Royalty and the common man had to settle with Rock Salt.

What makes the Himalayan Salt so special?

The Himalayan Salt mines were formed where the energy of the sun dried up the ocean more than 200 million years ago. With all the energy that is stored up in these salt mines is what makes them so rich in their composition and beneficial to the human body.

Because of their location and being compressed below in the mines, they are un-touched and pure without any pollution or environmental damage.

When the Himalayan salt comes in contact with water or when they are used as lamps, they release negative ions that are responsible for making us feel so good. Negative ions are present near waterfalls, the ocean, in the moving air, near trees – no wonder we feel good when we just open a window at home to let some fresh air in! A good excuse to switch off that air conditioning and breath some fresh air.

By having a bath with Himalayan Bath salts, using the lamps or even ingesting Himalayan edible salt, we are just harnessing the energy of the ocean. Why it makes us feel so good is because as time is passing, we are loosing our connection with Mother Earth. The Himalayan salt is an easy way to bring it back to our lives. To balance our energies. To get our earthing back!

How can you use Himalayan Salts?

Himalayan Salt although present in the deep mines near the Himalaya’s, can be brought into our home with much ease these days. You can harness their benefits in the form of:

Tealight holders
Cooking plates
– Edible salt
Massage stones
Bath salts
Bath soaps
– Even used as animal licks for horses

A word of caution – there are a lot of imitation products in the market. So please be aware that you are buying from a trustworthy seller. And it also helps to learn how to test or look for signs that your Himalayan Salt product is fake or genuine.

At Natural Healing Home we guarantee you 100% natural and the best quality of Himalayan Salts.