There are various ways of incorporating crystals into your life. We have tried to be as detailed as possible in the different uses of crystals known. 

Crystals have been used during the medieval period for healing ailments. Since the 1960’s  this aspect has been explored a lot more and today many people enjoy the benefits of it. Some people prefer to carry it or have them made as ornaments for ease. However many scientists claim that this can just be a placebo effect and nothing more. But people who truly believe, can feel the energies of crystals upon touch and use. It is the energy and vibrations of the crystal that has a physical effect on our body and helps in the healing process.

Some stones are great for protection. Moonstones for example are great for night travellers and travellers over sea. Black Tourmaline on the other hand will protect you from negative energy – coming from whining people around you and even negative electromagnetic energy coming from computers. The stone obviously varies depending on what you are trying to get protection from.

Crystals and Angels

The best method for establishing contact with an angel is through meditation. Meditation relaxes the body and quiets the mind, enabling your spiritual awareness to rise to the surface, thus allowing for communication with the Spirit Realm to take place.  There are many ways of meditating. Breathing exercises, self-hypnosis, yoga, and guided meditation are just a few of them. Use whichever method you feel most comfortable with.

During meditation, an angel stone (or stones) may be held in the hand, or one may be placed on the brow to facilitate the opening of the third eye chakra through which angelic communication takes place. Using one of these stones will aid one in reaching the higher realms where an angelic connection may be established. Before meditating with a stone, however, it is important that the stone’s energy be properly cleansed and charged before each use.

When seeking contact with an angel, one should do so with a feeling of gratitude. Gratitude has a powerful vibration, and expressing gratitude before even having received anything may facilitate establishing angelic contact, and may also encourage a faster and stronger response to your questions and requests. And expressing your gratitude once you receive what you have asked for will help facilitate any future connections with the spiritual realm.

While meditating, keep the intent to seek angelic contact placed firmly at the forefront of your mind. If you desire to connect with a particular angel, such as your guardian angel or an Archangel such as Gabriel or Raphael, include this in your intention. Keep your reason for contacting the angel at the forefront of your mind as well. What question or request do you intend to ask of the angel?

Once a meditative state has been reached, visualize yourself surrounded by white light. See your third eye opening, and your intention to contact an angel broadcasting out of this opening up towards the spiritual realms. Express from within your desire to be connected with the highest source of guidance that is available to you (or more specifically, your guardian angel or spirit guide).

See yourself as a white light ascending upwards towards an even greater light. See that, as you rise upwards, trailing behind you is a silver thread, somewhat like an umbilical cord, connecting your spiritual self to your physical self. This silver thread will guide you back to your physical body when it is time for you to return.

Continue mentally expressing your intention of making angelic contact, broadcasting it outward and upward. Keep your mind open and ready to receive a connection. Just stay relaxed and allow it to happen.

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Source: CrystalCure

People meditate for various reasons – relaxation, inner peace, visualisation, grounding (very important in todays day and age!), self healing, etc. To enhance meditations you can either hold or keep a crystal around you while you meditate. If it is for healing, you can carry a crystal for the ailment related chakra. If it is just to have some peace and quiet – pick a crystal that calls to you at the start of the day or to end a really busy day. Even if you do this for 10 -15 minutes everyday you will find a big difference in yourself.

Chakra healing
As mentioned above, when trying to meditate for healing you can pick a crystal of the related chakra.

Each of the 7 chakras has its own color.
Root: Red, brown, grey and black
Sacral: Orange and silver
Solar plexus: Yellow
Heart: Green and pink
Throat: Sky or light blue
Third eye: Indigo or different shades of purple, tinged with silver
Crown: Violet, rich purple merging into pure white and gold

You can use specific chakra healing crystals or just single stones of the related color for the said chakra.

Crystal Elixirs
You can make your own elixir at home by simply leaving a crystal of your choice or need in water and drinking it up! You can pick a crystal based on the healing properties of the crystal itself or a crystal related to the chakra that needs balancing.

IMPORTANT NOTE – not all crystals can be used to make direct elixirs due to the properties of the stone that can be toxic or poisonous. In such cases you can keep the stones outside and in close proximity of the water but DO NOT infuse them in the water.

Also remember – if in doubt just go with your instincts. Keep the stone outside and you will get the same results. With crystals the intent is key!

Please check this list of stones to AVOID for elixirs.

Commonly used crystals for elixirs.
Clear Quartz Crystal – An all-purpose healing crystal.
Rose Quartz – Alleviates emotional problems, increases love and compassion.
Green Aventurine – Relaxes and soothes the heart.
Malachite – Puts physical, spiritual and emotional body in harmony. Grounding. Caution: Because Malachite contains copper, it is best to place this crystal on the outside of the container.
Fluorite – Alleviates bone/joint/tooth pain; aides concentration; anti-viral.
Amethyst – Relieves mental stress, insomnia.
Amazonite – Balances metabolism.
Amber – Alleviates throat problems; antibiotic.
Bloodstone – Aides in releasing emotional stagnation; heals blood disorders.
Citrine – Mental clarity; the body.
Blue Lace Agate – Soothes and relaxes the body; aides in peaceful sleep

Crystals at work
Who does not want success, fame and appreciation for their hard work? Crystals can help such situations as well.

If you are looking for protection at work against people stealing credit for your efforts and attracting new business use a Green Amazonite. Purple fluorite helps keep calm during stressful situations and unnecessary pressure. Blue calcite on the other hand helps with rivalries, theft, dishonesty and the like at the work place.

If you are looking for fame, Herkimer Diamond is the stone that can help you get noticed. Also helps in stabilizing company finances. Blue Lapis Lazuli and Turquoise help in getting the big promotion and aiming for new heights. This is good for people in customer facing; where lot of pubic facing/ speaking is required. Green and White Tree Agate can help internet based and family business’s with increasing networking influence and connections. A Clear Quartz Crystal Sphere or glass paperweight brings in fresh energy when the sunlight radiates through it. Also brings in business calls and connections when places near the telephone lines or internet conenctions. Green Chrysoprase helps in job searching or assist when starting a new job.

If not specific, just having a bowl filled with semi-dark stones like Smoky Quartz can help take care of those energy sapping colleagues who are always full of negative remarks.

Believe it or not we are scratching the surface when talking about crystals. Besides all of the above, crystals are also used for enhancing relations (Soft pink Rose QuartzAmethyst, AmberRed JasperMoonstone, Aquamarine, Moss Agate, etc), safer travels (Smoky Quartz, Turquoise, Tigers Eye, Green Jade, Moonstones, Onyx, etc), for safekeeping of our pets, with tarot reading, divination, auras, etc.

Once you are in the subject there is no ending!