Space Cleansing can be a new age concept of decluttering our space, it can be bringing the ancient tradition of burning a bundle of dried herbs and flowers, it can even be chanting mantras out loud or it can be playing drums, gongs and Tibetan bowls in a space. The only common thing in them all would be ones intention – that this is being done to move any stagnant energy in the space. To remove unwanted energy and make room for the new to come in.

Where does Space Cleansing or Smudging come from?

Space Cleansing is an ancient Native American tradition that uses herbs, sound and of course the power of intention remove any unwanted energies from our space. Smudging or Space Clearing Ceremonies can be an easy walk through the home and allowing the smoke to clear the energy of the space or it can be as elaborate as a ceremony; where people drum, sing, chant while another person fans the smoke of the sage with a feather all around.

The belief is with space cleansing we also pray and ask the elements of nature to come into our space to cleanse, protect and bless us. White Sage is the most commonly used herb for space cleansing and remove negativity. Palo Santo is usually used at the end of the ceremony to now welcome in the blessings of universal energies, God, our ancestors, our spirit guides – whoever we believe watches over us – to now come and protect us and our space.

– The dried White Sage or Palo Santo represent the Earth element

– When we light them up, it represents the Fire element

– The smoke from the plants represents Air element

– The herbs are carried on an Abalone Shell that represents the Water element.

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