Crystals have their innate properties and people are just drawn to some pieces as opposed to others. A good friend and my supplier once told me that “ There is an owner for every crystal you buy. So if something you have in stock dosen’t sell for a long time – don’t worry! The owner will show up one day.” I have seen myself always being drawn to Lapis Lazuli and my daughter to Rose Quartz pieces. I fail to understand why but now I stopped asking why.

History & origin

A lot can be said about crystals. The information available is immense but to talk about it in a short note is that their existence has been known since time memorial. The earliest discovery dates back 4.4 billion years challenging the existence of life on earth itself! This little controversial crystal was found in North-western Australia.

Crystals have been used by the Ancient Egyptians, Greek, Chinese and Indians. We can even cite references to usage of crystals associated with different religions and astrology. Indian astrology for example relies on usage of crystals to balance a birth chart or to make a testing phase of life a little bit easier.

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