There are science backed reasons to the benefits of space cleansing; but energy work needs no reason or logic. It is something that you feel… but let’s give you a list of benefits either ways! 🙂

  • Space cleansing literally means cleaning out your space – which means removing anything that is not serving you any more. When you remove something that does not belong in your life anymore – spiritually, physically or energetically – it feels light.
  • It removes negative energies from your space
  • It improves clarity
  • Helps with concentration
  • Removes any energies of others that we may be carrying in our auric field – unknowingly
  • Improves mood
  • Brings in a sense of peace and calm
  • Known to purify the air according to some studies

How often should I be space cleansing?

As often as you like! We definitely suggest once a week but if you have a lot of guests and visitors in your space then probably more often than that. We evern wrote a blog about it! Read all the reasons when and why you should be cleansing your space here.