About us

What inspired Natural Healing Home?

It was a mission to redecorate my home which led to an online search on the effect of colors for different spaces in the house. Is Red good for the bedroom or will blue help with a better nights sleep. The more I kept reading, I kept stumbling upon articles suggesting that people have colors which can be favorable and not so favorable for them and all this information had some vague referencing to Feng Shui. Google obviously threw some great adverts in my face that talked about a Feng Shui course in Dubai; a stones throw away from my home! So I signed up and went for my course…

I went in looking for decoration tips and came out with a knowledge so interesting that once you study it, there is no going back! You cannot look at numbers and colors the same way you grew up learning them. You develop your own language for them once you study the Chinese Feng Shui!
The Feng Shui course was followed by a course in Bazi (or commonly know as Four Pillars of Destiny) and I-Ching – all of which I studied with Grand Master Raymond Lo.

When I studied my own Bazi chart I realized why I was drawn to these subjects, jumped at the opportunity of a practioners course in Access Bars®. Simultaneously I also started self studies in Crystals… and it continues…

I always believed in finding home remedies instead of over the counter medication; like fresh mint leaves for better digestion, burning sage to clear out mosquito’s in a room or that wearing a pearl will help calm you down if you have a short temper. With these courses and learning, I started understanding why some houses affect you positively and some adversely. Or why a certain room in the house is where all the guests are drawn towards – its because good energy or Qi (pronounced Chee) is the strongest in those areas.

While we cannot change negative energy into positive; we can reduce the effect of the negative energy by the art of placement (Feng Shui); keeping the right elements in the right place. However finding the right products was not very easy.

That is when Natural Healing Home was born. I believe that nature has a cure for everything. And through Natural Healing Home, my aim is to try and get these cures to you; to everyone!

Natural Healing Home aims to spread the knowledge about these alternate therapies (through our blogs and library) and purchase holistic products (shop) that one can use to bring harmony and balance into their lives and homes.

Happy learning. Happy shopping.