How to create your own Full Moon Rituals

Full Moon Rituals with Natural Healing Home

Every full moon, the Universe invites us to pause for a few moments of introspection and ask ourselves what are our truest desires and manifestations. Full Moon Rituals are essential for connecting with the symbolic and energetic magic of the Moon. In addition, these sacred rituals allow us to attune to our own spirituality and amplify our intentions. With the Full Moon and Halloween coming up on October 31st, here are some tips that will help you in creating your own sacred full moon ritual:

1. Keep track of the moon phases

Planning your schedule in advance will allow you to set a time according to your convenience. If you wish to keep track of the moon phases, simply bookmark this website:

2. Soak in a herbal bath

Why is it essential to run a sacred bath with petals, herbs and himalayan salt? Because the Full Moon energy teaches us to let go. Salt is an excellent negativity remover and by running a sacred bath, we give our body and mind permission to relax and rejuvenate. Additionally, you can place a few candles and crystals around to work with their aura.

3. Cleanse your space

It is of utmost importance to cleanse your home or work space to clear out negative energy and bring in harmonious and positive thoughts. Burning herbs and resins help in transmuting negative energies. Consequently, this helps us in letting go of what no longer serves us! Use your favorite sage, incense, palo santo or a singing bowl.

4. Light a candle with your desired intention

Lighting candles help in creating a relaxing and soothing atmosphere. Additionally you can use crystal candle holders or himalayan salt candle holders to illuminate the room with positivity and joy. Set your desired intention and trust in the Universe to help you manifest it.

5. Charge your crystals under the moon light

Every full moon or new moon, let your crystals charge under the magical moon light. This is vital to cleanse and realign the energies that the crystals may have picked up.

6. Set up an altar with your scared items

If you have haven’t already set up your sacred altar, now is the perfect time to do so. Visualize your goals and decorate it with your personal belongings or those of a deceased loved one. Feel free to choose what you would want to place there. It can be anything ranging from crystals, sound bowls, candles, journals or essential oils. This is your own personal space.

7. Indulge in a herbal tea brew

To further relax and visualize your goals, make your favorite herbal tea brew that contain magickal properties. Stir it clockwise to infuse positivity and anti-clockwise to banish negativity. While stirring keep your intention in mind – as if its already been done! A positive affirmation!

8. Think about what you would like amplified or illuminated within you

This is the right time to let go of what is no longer needed. Ask yourself what would you like to improve within yourself. What will allow you to the best version of you? If you find that you need to work on a few aspects of your life and would like to book a free chakra diagnosis or holistic coaching session with our holistic healer Manisha Dutta, you can book your personal session.

9. Journal your thoughts, desires and affirmations

Writing your mind is a great way of expressing your inner voice. On the night of the full moon, after meditating and pausing for a few moments of introspection, write down your deepest desires, favorite quotes or affirmations and your intentions to work with the magic of the full moon. Make a list of things you are grateful for. Another list of things you would want to let go of.

10. Give thanks to the Universe and visualize your manifestations

Now is the the time to thank the Universe for always having your back and supporting you on your spiritual journey. Connect with the power of the Universe and visualize your manifestations coming to life.

Here’s a printable checklist for you:

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