8 Reasons Why You Should Own a Himalayan Salt Lamp

Himalayan Salt lamps create quite a controversy – as do any other holistic treatments and modalities do. The most frequently asked questions I get are – Does it work? Do you really believe that it can do xyz..? Can you measure it?

Don’t you think it’s odd that we don’t question AND are very happy and quick to pop a pill that comes with a list of (terrifying) side effects; but as soon as someone gives us a home remedy or an alternative therapy, we become a cynic and MUST question EVERYTHING?

Lets shed some ‘light’ on Himalayan Salt lamps and how they work.

Salt is hygroscopic in nature – which in lay man terms means that it absorbs moisture from the air. So the salt lamp constantly traps pollen, dirt, dust, etc from the water molecules in the air. This does not mean that your lamp after a week of keeping in a room is a big block of dirt. Once the lamp has reached its saturation point (of collecting all the moisture), it re-releases excess (and now) clean water; thereby purifying the air.

What helps the lamps with not melting away completely is the heat which is created by the bulb. The lamp is constantly releasing water and the heat helps dry this out. Therefore we always recommend that you use your lamp on a daily basis – even if it is for a couple of hours.

So, that was some science behind salt but what are the known health benefits of all the scientific actions that this hunk of salt does in your space?

  1. Reduces static electricity in the air
  2. Purifies the air
  3. Reduces allergy and asthma symptoms
  4. Releases negative ions and neutralises electromagnetic smog (EMF)
  5. Improves breathing
  6. Increases energy levels
  7. Reduces stress
  8. Helps with insomnia

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Still want to be a cynic? Okay! Here are some non-scientific reasons:

  1. It just looks beautiful
  2. Creates the perfect ambience after a long day at work
  3. Environment friendly light source
  4. Not very bright – perfect as a night lamp
  5. Kids find it very intriguing to see a lamp made of salt! Maybe host a little science class for them?

Hope there was something you resonated with. If not, our next blog with more detailed explanations on every known benefit might help seal the deal.

Until then, sending lot of light your way.

One thought on “8 Reasons Why You Should Own a Himalayan Salt Lamp

  1. Sonia says:

    Great Article! I have 1 of these lamps in my house and besides looking elegant it feels really good overall. I can tell I’m less stressed these days and that’s helped me improve my concentration in my work too.

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