Can Crystals Cause Harm?

Are crystals harmful? Can they wreak havoc if placed together? A lot of my clients, friends and family members ask me these interesting questions. So, let’s get into this!

You will be relieved to know that crystals, in particular, don’t clash or create conflict. In fact, they can be utilized in various combinations to enhance their effects. Based on your intentions, aspirations and desires, you may choose to work with a combination. For example, if you are starting a new business – you could combine Citrine for abundance, Green Aventurine to bring forth new opportunities and good luck and Black Tourmaline for protection.

In addition, based on how comfortable you feel, you can work with one crystal that you feel absolutely at ease with it. Remember it is not about how many crystals you own! 

  • Some people don’t even adopt a crystal, they work with their photos (I’m not sure how effective that is but if it brings you joy – I say why not?!) 
  • Some work with the entire family of crystals. 
  • Some choose to work with crystals based on their zodiac. 
  • Some work with a crystal based on their intentions. For example, if you own a business and would like to attract more sales, you would opt for Citrine. 

Everyone is unique and so are our crystals! A gift of Mother Nature!

Citrine Rough Points from our store, Natural Healing Home

Always remember no one knows you better than you. Observe how you feel when you work with a crystal. Let’s take Clear Quartz for example. It is indeed an amplifier and an energizer. One can use it in a combination with other crystals to enhance the power of the other crystals. Crystals on their own or placed with others do not cause harm, they in fact operate at their own frequencies and vibrations.

Speaking of combinations – you can set an intention on your  Rose Quartz, to bring you more love by helping you practice self-love. When you place a Clear Quartz Tower next to it, you can amplify the intention that is set on the Rose Quartz.

A Clear Quartz Cluster

I’d like to share an experience. When I first started meditating with Moldavite (a powerful and transformational crystal) I used to feel very heavy in my chest. I’d often feel dizzy and uncomfortable. I kept taking it off and on. I’d gone into question mode until someone suggested I combine it with Clear Quartz. I combined it with a Clear Quartz Mala and began to feel lighter, calmer and was able to wear my moldavite a lot longer..I knew that Clear Quartz is a amplifier and energiser; but It was only after my own experience I realized that somehow for me – it also worked as a neutralizer! 

So don’t be afraid to try different things with your crystals either. Don’t just go by the book. You are your biggest teacher. You are your own healer!

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