Why should you do a full moon cleanse for your crystals?

Full Moon Cleanse

A full moon cleanse is essential for the crystals you use because they are constantly collecting negative energies around you. They need an occasional charge to remove such energies, so they can keep assisting us in the way they were intended to and programmed for.

While it is essential to cleanse your crystals with sage, water, burying in earth, etc. on a regular basis, to give your crystals a boost of energy, try giving them a full moon cleanse. It is also a super safe method as all crystals are safe to be cleansed under moonlight.

The energies of the moon are known to have their effect on humans and animals alike. Many religions use the full moon energies for meditations and special rituals. Even scientifically speaking, the tides of the ocean are controlled by the cycles of the moon. On a full moon night these energies are at their peak.

So why not use this powerful cleansing method to supercharge your crystals. And its absolutely free! How does it get better than this?

Here are some pointers on doing a full moon cleanse for your crystals:

  • The energies of the full moon are strong for 3 days – the day before and the day after the full moon are also good for a full moon cleanse. You can do a 3 day cleanse if you like, but one day is also sufficient. Follow your intuition on how long they need.
  • Lay your crystals out after sunset on the night of the full moon.
  • If you can keep them outdoors that is good. If that is not option, keep them on a window sill indoors where the moon light falls.
  • Keep them on the ground or a natural surface if possible; to allow a grounding or earthing effect.
  • Bring your crystals back early in the morning as some crystals don’t do well with strong sunlight – such as amethyst.
  • Be careful of rain or water where you are keeping your crystals. Some crystals don’t like water – such as selenite or malachite.
  • Even if the clouds or other man made structures cover the moonlight – that is OK. The energies of the full moon are in the air. The crystals will still benefit from its energies.
  • Intent is always key when working with crystals. Clear your mind of any doubts, fears or negative energies while you lay your crystals for the full moon cleanse.
  • After you bring in your crystals, you can show your gratitude, by thanking them for the refreshed energies that they will bring into your life. And for all the support they have been giving you.

PS: Keep this link handy for following the upcoming full moon dates. Remember its a monthly occurrence, so don’t panic if you got this reminder a bit late. Plan for your next full moon cleanse in advance.

Happy cleansing!

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