Necessity is the mother of invention! Convert crystals into jewellery.

The saying “necessity is the mother of invention” was said by the ancient Greek philosopher Plato. Today is the first time I experienced it!

I was trying to find an easy yet creative way of carrying my own crystal. The wire pendant – as shown in the images – is an invention of my necessity!! It’s not the first time someone bent wire to make fascinating jewellery but it is the first for #naturalhealhome and it feels like the start of a new line of products.

            IMG_9679 IMG_9677

So if your purpose for tumbles is beyond meditation and you would like to carry them with you everyday, then why not wear it as jewellery? Let us know if you want to convert crystals into jewellery when you make a purchase and we will be happy to oblige. Stay tuned for more creations.

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