Our First Day!

Today marks the launch of Natural Healing Home. Our First Day. A new start is always so exciting!  The anticipation of launching on time, getting the first order, putting forward the best first impression, getting your first review, hearing from friends and family, putting out the first post – as this one.

As stressful as it may be it sure is very exciting. If you are loosing sleep over a new project then its a good sign! A sign that you are motivated and passionate about what you are doing. That something big is coming along. So stay strong. Persevere. Even when all you want to do is give up…Because hard work will never fail you. It will always pay off. Sometimes maybe not at the speed you would like it come to you but eventually it will.

So we would like to thank everyone and everything for making it possible. The hidden pillars that always support and encourage us in those moments when we want to give up. For those reasons, that allow us to remember why we started this in the first place. And of course our tech geeks – iDigitalise that powers this awesome platform so I could share my thoughts, experiences and services with you all.


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