Rudraksha and Crystal Mala With 108 Beads and Brass Pendants

AED 150.00

These Rudraksha and Crystal Malas have 108 Beads and symbolic brass pendants representing spiritual identity and our connection with the universe. Use each bead as an opportunity to focus on a positive thought, mantra, our breath or vision. This is also known as repetition or Japa meditation.

Meditation is an experience. If you ever try a 108 bead Mala to do a Japa meditation; you will come out of it feeling absolutely energized, refreshed, at peace, calm, blissful and brand new – all at once! Choose from Buddha, Ganesha, Lotus, Sri Yantra, Shivas Trishul, Square Celtic Knots, Snake and Flower of Life.

Length: Approx 50 – 57cm.

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