Crystal Elixir Recipe and Benefits

Crystal Elixir

The word elixir makes it sound all mystical but a crystal elixir is as simple as water infused with the energies of a crystal of your choice. If you’re wondering why should you infuse your water with a crystal; then ask yourself, why should you infuse your water with lemon, cucumber or berries? Well these are the common suspects and we all know that lemon is good to alkalize water and just tastes great; same as cucumbers. Berries are great antioxidants so if you are lazy to eat your fruits, then it’s easier to pop them in your water bottle for a good body cleanse. Your usual cup of tea is also an infusion of dried herbs.

So why crystals? Every crystal has its own frequency at which it vibrates. Each one has a different color and mineral composition due to which they have different healing properties; physical or emotional. Once you have programmed your crystal for a specific intention you can benefit from the frequency of this crystal in various ways; and a crystal elixir is just one of them.

So how can you make your own crystal elixir?

The most important thing to note is that – not all crystals are safe to come in contact with water that is to be ingestedSo while there are some crystals that you can just pop into your water bottle and drink up; there are some that should have in-direct contact to make your crystal elixir.

If you know the crystal you are using is in the safe list; then you can pop it in. But if you are not sure or have the slightest of doubts, then please use the in-direct method. The benefits of both methods are the same (unless you are choosing Shungite to filter your water. Read more about using Shungite for water purification).

There are many sources online to find a list of safe vs toxic crystals. We found this website has a very exhaustive list. Please do NOT ignore this.


  • A glass container (Pitcher, glass, bottle – depending on the amount you wish to make)
  • A glass plate
  • Crystals of your choice

Instructions (Direct Method):

  • Fill in your glass container with filtered water
  • Drop in the crystals.
  • Seal your container with its lid or glass plate and leave it for 24 hours.
  • Refill the container when it’s empty and repeat.

Instructions (In-Direct Method):

  • Fill in your glass container with filtered water
  • If you are using a glass bottle; you can place your bottle on the glass plate, and keep the crystals on the plate touching the bottle from the outside.
  • If you are using a big pitcher; you can place your glass plate on top of the pitcher and keep your crystals on top of the plate.
  • Leave it this way for 24 hours.
  • Refill the container when it’s empty and repeat.

Questions you may have:

Tumbled Crystals
Tumbled Crystals
  • If you are using a glass or a small container then 1 standard size crystal tumble is enough. If you want to make a bigger quantity then we recommend more crystals. Go with your intuition and do what feels right. (We would use one tumble in a 500 ml water bottle or 3 tumbles in a big water pitcher).
  • If you are making a big quantity; leave the water untouched for 24 hours and drink as much as you can in the day. If there is any water remaining and you don’t want to wait until it is finished to start the process again; just add in more filtered water to fill up the container to the top. You can do this in the night so the crystals are infused for at least 12 hours before the next consumption.
  • For the direct method – remove the crystals once in a week and wash them as well as the container to remove any residue build up.
  • You must use crystals that have been programmed for a specific intention to make your crystal elixir more effective.
  • You can charge these crystals or place the glass container itself out on a full moon night or in the sunlight for a few hours for added magic to your elixir.
  • Avoid using plastic containers for making your crystal elixir. It must be made in glass containers.
  • You can mix a variety of crystals for your crystal elixir.

A crystal elixir is not just for ingestion. You can even apply them topically to your skin! For example Rose Quartz elixir is known to be amazing for the skin or Shungite elixir to heal hair fall.

What crystal should you use?

We have the indirect method which makes it possible to make an elixir with any crystal that you have. However we have compiled a list of commonly used crystals that are used for elixirs to help you get started:

Clear Quartz Crystal – An all-purpose healing crystal.
Rose Quartz – Alleviates emotional problems, increases love and compassion.
Green Aventurine – Relaxes and soothes the heart.
Malachite – Puts physical, spiritual and emotional body in harmony. Grounding. Caution: Because Malachite contains copper, it is best to place this crystal on the outside of the container.
Fluorite – Alleviates bone/joint/tooth pain; aides concentration; anti-viral.
Amethyst – Relieves mental stress, insomnia.
Amazonite – Balances metabolism.
Amber – Alleviates throat problems; antibiotic. Aids decision making.
Bloodstone – Aides in releasing emotional stagnation; heals blood disorders.
Citrine – Mental clarity; the body. Increase motivation.
Blue Lace Agate – Soothes and relaxes the body; aides in peaceful sleep

Tumbled stones are the best to make elixirs. Check our collection of tumbled stones here. Rough pieces or clusters can be used for the indirect method and better suited for large quantities. Check our collection of rough pieces here.

Be creative. Trust your intuition. Try it out and send us your feedback. 

Love & light,

Note: Alternate therapies (including Crystals) are not substitutes for medical aid. Please do not replace them with your doctors advice or prescribed medication.

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